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The Studio opened its doors in downtown McHenry in the summer of 2008. Since then we’ve welcomed artists of all ages in search of an authentic creative experience. With enticing materials at hand and the guidance of professional instructors ready to challenge and inspire, we think you’ll find the perfect place to relax, explore, and develop your talents among others who share your interests.

Aspiring artists are invited to come to the studio space to learn and create, meet other artists, share thoughts and ideas, discuss and analyze art, and become energized and inspired by the creative pursuits in progress at the studio. Instruction, guidance and encouragement are always available.

Parents, you can help your child in their developmental years by nurturing their creative skills. Art making develops intuition, reasoning, and instills confidence. The lessons presented at The Studio are designed to give your child a hands on experience in a variety of areas. Students will stretch their minds, search their imaginations and focus their ideas to complete the thought provoking projects presented here. The result is a child who is able to trust in her abilities, expand upon her ideas, understand new concepts and formulate solutions.

Some of the art styles presented in our course of study may be classical, cultural, impressionistic, pop, modern, illustrative and contemporary. Subject matter may include animals, architecture, abstracts, still life, portrait, the figure, nature, land and waterscapes, perspective and pattern.

Art materials covered range from pencil and paper, marker, charcoal, watercolor, tempera, acrylic, oil, soft pastel, oil pastel, pen & ink, collage & mixed media, paper folding and cutting, paper mache, metals, mosaic, weaving, pottery and painted bisque.

We place emphasis on building drawing skills, learning the methods associated with specific materials, accomplishing technique and acquiring the knowledge to successfully employ the elements of art.